Development in Eastwood began in 1906. As the years passed, Edmonton became known as an important centre of commerce and a gateway to the North. A lot of residential construction happened in our neighbourhood after World War II, with a mix of single family residential and apartment buildings.


Eastwood was a backbone of Edmonton for many years. As the city began to grow it's suburbs, families often left neighbourhoods such as Eastwood to stake their claim in these new, modern suburbs. However, as the decades have passed, the trend has reversed. Many people are now seeking out our community because of it's beauty and convenience. With easy access to public transit, students find they can quickly  travel to the U of A, Grant MacEwan or NAIT.

Today, as more investment flows into the core of downtown Edmonton and the surrounding areas, Eastwood is being re-discovered by area families as a fantastic place to live! We offer well developed infrastructure, easy access to the river valley and downtown core, and a increasingly engaged and vibrant community life.

As a non-profit community league, we are made up of volunteers who live in the neighbourhood.  Our community is your community! So if you are looking to give back to your community and contribute to the life of Eastwood, please join in the events.

Consider volunteering with us. Take your kids to the spray park. Eat at a local restaurant. Invite your neighbour over for a barbecue.

After all, this is Eastwood. It's your neighbourhood, and it's a great place to live!

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