January 17 2019 minutes

  1. Call to Order (7:00 PM)

    1. Welcome & Introductions

    2. Regrets: Kathy                       Absent:

    3. Present: Lenn, Donna, Kate, Christy, Drew, Erin, Linda, Rockie (CRC)


  1. Information Updates / Announcements (7:05 PM)

    1. Retirement – Keith has submitted his resignation from the board.  

    2. Lenn reviewed the League assets as of December, 2018 and updates from Board members on their activities since the last meeting, Dec. 5.

    3. VP Donna will look into the possibility getting funding for sports equipment at Boks Sports, Jump Start and Edmonton Minor Hockey Association.


  1. Old Business

    1. MOTION by Christy that the League purchase a snow blower for under $1000 within the next two weeks. Seconded by Erin. All in favour. CARRIED


  1. Board Goal Planning 

    1. Rocky facilitated a workshop that continues the Board’s goal planning process. His presentation included a review and reworking of the League’s vision, and starting the process for a Mission and Values statement.

    2. All agreed that the goal-planning exercise continue at the next Board meeting.


  1. Next Meeting Date: Wed. February 6, 2019  

Goal Planning Session  7 - 9 PM

  1. Adjournment (9:00 PM)