• Keith LaRoy

Eastwood Development

2017 is an exciting time to be a resident of Edmonton, and especially a resident of a rich and dynamic neighbourhood like Eastwood!

The question often arises around the city - "how are the mature neighbourhoods doing?". While I can't speak for other neighbourhoods, I can speak to Eastwood.

Positive development is happening at Eastwood! From the various renewal projects along 118 Ave over the last few years, to responsible residential infill development, to newer parks, things are booming! As an example, I recently asked the owner of a new cafe which opened on 118 Ave and 87 St how business was going. She told me that in the first 3 months of business, she was overwhelmed with the response (and business!) from the community. Business was bustling for her at Jasmine Belle Cafe!

So if you are a business owner, a home builder, investor or area resident and are looking for the right location for your project, we would invite you to consider Eastwood. The future looks good!

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