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Did you know . . .

Reading has all kinds of benefits, for your health and other areas of your life.

It can:

• Improve brain function

• Increase vocabulary and comprehension

• Aid in sleep readiness

• Reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate

• Increase empathy toward others

Above all, it's entertaining.

Getting lost in a story can take you out of your own worries and transport you into another time or place.

Reading from the viewpoint of the character can offer insights that help you relate and empathize with others.

Reading before bed can offer many benefits, by calming the mind and reducing stress.

Below is a link for a great article that highlights the many benefits to reading before bed, as opposed to any other stress relieving activity.

Eastwood Community League is stocking a really great book lending library. Current restrictions do not allow us to open ours at this time.

Stay posted for our future launch!

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